Human Staff 


Gail Hromadko, M.A., M.F.T. (MFT 31927) is a Marriage & Family Therapist licensed for over 25 years.  She is an EAGALA Level II certified equine therapist and a Certified Equine Interaction Professional - Mental Health (CEIP-MH).  Her specializations include over 30 years working with chemical/codependency and other addictive syndromes, trauma including PTSD, mood and anxiety disorders, GLBT issues, and couples therapy.  She has been exploring the nature of healing in connection with horses for 10 years.  

Jennifer Williams has been involved with horses since age 11.  With a long history in the world of training in both the cowboy and, most recently, the natural horsemanship methods, Jennifer has a deep affinity and understanding of the Way of the Horse.  Her deeply intuitive nature combined with years of experience make her a uniquely insightful and accurate guide.  Enjoy more of her story on our blog page.  Click here.

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