Why Horses?

Current research points to the general health and psychological benefits of connection with animals.  Studies show that simple contact with an animal can lower blood pressure and respiration rates and provide a sense of wellbeing.  We have learned that the benefits of collaborating with animals goes far beyond those simple but powerful benefits.

From an equine therapy perspective, there are two groups of animals:  predator and prey.  Because horses are prey animals, they are uniquely adapted both physically and mentally to take in information about the world around them.  This natural ability to gather and digest information gives horses particular gifts in providing feedback about the environment and the beings in it.  Through their actions, horses can guide us to a more authentic way of being.  Through their powerful presence, we encounter in ourselves a more instinctive and intuitive aspect which is often lost in the constant stimulation and busyness of the modern world.  Through their size, we have the opportunity to confront fear and develop confidence.  Through their hearts, we can often find healing.  In this relationship, we have the opportunity to reconnect with and deepen with our authentic Self.  The healing herd awaits.  

 © G. Hromadko 2012